About the Adelaide Medical Students' Foundation

The Adelaide Medical Students’ Foundation (AMSF or the Foundation) is an independent body governed by students and graduates of the University of Adelaide Medical School. Established in 2009, it exists solely to serve and support Adelaide medical students at an individual, group, and organisational level.

The Foundation works closely with like-minded organisations such as the Adelaide Medical Students’ Society and University of Adelaide to provide direct, tangible support to Adelaide Medical Students.

The Foundation has three core values:

  • Benevolence
  • Integrity
  • Vision


The Foundation is comprised of a Trustee and a Trust.

The Trustee is the Adelaide Medical Students’ Foundation Proprietary Limited, which is owned by the Adelaide Medical Students’ Society Incorporated. The Trustee is governed by a Board of eight members, comprised of past and present Adelaide Medical Students and a financial expert.

The Trust is the Adelaide Medical Students’ Scholarship and Bursary Fund. This entity is income tax exempt and a deductible gift recipient under the classification of a Scholarship Fund. The corresponding Principal Purpose of this Trust is to award scholarships to eligible students.


The logo is comprised of two parts:

  • The shieldAMSF Logo
  • Penicillium of Lord Howard Florey’s Penicillin

The shield mirrors that of the Adelaide Medical Students’ Society and represents the origin of the Foundation. Penicillium is representative of Adelaide, medicine and growth. It is also symbolic of the three values of the Adelaide Medical Students’ Foundation: benevolence, integrity, and vision.

For more information about the AMSF, please contact secretary@amsf.org.au for a copy of the Regulations and Bylaws.