Board of Directors

The Adelaide Medical Students' Foundation board is made up of 9 members, who are responsibile for the overarching direction of the Foundation and long-term strategic planning. To ensure balanced perspectives, the board includes 3 current University of Adelaide medical students, 3 graduates of the University of Adelaide medical program, and Information Technology Director a senior graduate in the role of Patron Director, and a financial advisor.

The Board provides direction to the AMSF Student Committee, which helps progress a number of the Board’s key objectives.

The Foundation Board comprises:

  • Professor Randall Faull  Patron Director
  • Assoc. Professor Mitra Guha  Graduate Director
  • Dr Samantha Jolly  Graduate Director
  • Dr Jarrad Hopkins  Graduate Director
  • Dr Sean Jolly Information Technology Director
  • Mr Brian Nimmo  Financial Director
  • Ms Sachini Perera  Student Director
  • Ms Teham Ahmad  Student Director
  • Mr Vi-Seth Bak AMSS Executive Student Director