Sponsor a Scholarship

The AMSF is excited by the prospect of working with potential donors to tailor personalised donor packages.

The AMSF has the capacity to create scholarships and bursaries at the direction of prospective donors, who have substantial control over the way in which their donations are used to benefit medical students at the University of Adelaide. Donors may wish to use the AMSF to establish a scholarship named after their family or in remembrance of an important figure. Alternatively, graduates from a particular secondary school or rural area may wish to develop a bursary to support medical students sharing their background. There is limitless potential for prospective donors to develop exciting personalised scholarships and bursaries through the AMSF, whilst simultaneously enjoying its taxation benefits as a deductible gift recipient.

If you are interested in developing a personalised scholarship or bursary with the AMSF then please contact us. A meeting will be arranged to discuss your ideas and how these can be realised through the AMSF. We are very eager to provide potential donors with substantial creative control over their donations, so we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss the possibilities!

Do you want to contribute in other ways? If you have new ideas, please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) at (gac.chair@amsf.org.au). We are eager to maximise graduate and clinician involvement in the Foundation!