Dr Ral Antic AM Rural Health Grant

In recognition of Dr Ral Antic's (A.M.) contribution to the Medical Community of South Australia, the AMSF now has a Rural Health Grant for students looking to travel within Australia to explore their passions for rural and remote medicine.

This grant looks to financially support students travelling for rural health placements, conferences or other educational endeavours. Preference is given to students who demonstrate a benefit to themselves, a benefit to the community and a benefit to the student's future in rural and remote medicine.

The Foundation currently awards this grant on a case by case basis as determined by the Board of Directors of the AMSF.

We would like to thank the Royal Adelaide Hospital Department of Thoracic Medicine for generously donating to this grant in Dr Ral Antic's (AM) name.

Application period: Ongoing

Click here to submit an application, or here to view a list of past recipients.