Our Student Initiatives


The Adelaide Medical Students’ Foundation Travel Scholarship provides funds for senior University of Adelaide Medical Students who travel to conduct medical electives. The criteria for the scholarships place importance on the educational value of the elective and the impact it will make to those at the elective location. In 2016, four Travel Scholarships were awarded from a competitive field of applications, with each successful applicant receiving a total of $1,000.00 towards their educational elective.

In addition to the Travel Scholarships, the Foundation also awards a First-Year Prize during Orientation-week. The prize of a stethoscope is open to all First year medical students upon entering medical school and is awarded annually at an introductory presentation about the AMSF.

The aim of the Benevolent Fund is to provide financial support for University of Adelaide Medical Students. 

NLDSThe Research Conference Grant, is designed to financially support student presenting their original research at conferences both domestically and internationally. It is aimed to reduce financial barriers preventing University of Adelaide medical students from presenting their world-class research.

We are also pleased regarding our Student Teacher Award. This award is to celebrate the efforts of senior medical students who contribute to the rich culture of peer education and mentorship within the Adelaide Medical School.

Academic prizes awarded by the Foundation include the Kildea Prize and the Devitt Prize. The Kildea Prize is awarded to the medical student who receives the highest grade for Clinical Practice / Skills over the first two years of the medical program. The Devitt Prize is awarded to the medical student who displays excellence in the Year 4 Surgical Home Unit (SHU) rotation and surgical content of end-of-year examinations.

The Foundation is always looking to expand its scholarship portfolio, and is open to any suggestions on what can be done for students. If you have an idea, please contact us!