Past Recipients

Congratulations to all of our past recipients of the Intern Teaching Award, whose time and energy supporting Adelaide medical students has made an incredible difference to the experience of their juniors.


2017 recipients:

Dr Mendel Au (RAH)
Dr Katerina FlabourisĀ (QEH)
Dr David HancockĀ (NALHN)

2016 recipients:

Dr Samantha Iannella (RAH)
Dr Laura Goodwins (QEH)
Dr Kay Li (LMH)
Dr Morgan Pettman (MH)

2015 recipients:

Dr Dylan Barnett (RAH)
Dr Jarin Herson (QEH)
Dr Bodie Rodman (LMH)
Dr Mable Quek (MH)

2013 recipients:

Dr Claire Keogh (RAH)
Dr Rocita Ho (QEH)
Dr Kate Madsen (LMH)
Dr Abiram Nair (MH)

2012 recipients:

Dr Arthur Ellice-Flint (RAH)
Dr Arm Sukjit (QEH)
Dr Matthew O'Connor (LMH)
Dr Morne Scheepers (MH)